Knee Arthroscopy

In arthroscopic surgery a tiny puncture is made in the skin over the joint through which 4 mm size special telescope, called arthroscope is introduced inside the joint. This arthroscope has small but powerful lens attached at its front and a special endoscopic video camera and cold light source at its hind end.

The endoscopic camera is in turn attached to the monitor screen. Thus various parts inside the joint appear magnified are very clearly seen on the monitor screen. In this manner the accurate diagnosis is made without cutting open the joint. Once the problem is diagnosed, another puncture is made to introduce one of the several ultra-modern small instruments in to the joint to treat the pathology. Thus surgery is performed by manipulating the instruments introduced through tiny hole in the joint while seeing the clear and magnified picture over the monitor screen.

Knee is complex joint formed of three bones namely femur, tibia and patella. It is stabilised internally by ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT(ACL) and POSTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT(PCL). They are main stabilizing structure of knee joint. It is additionally supported by MEDIAL COLLATERAL LIGAMENT(MCL), LATERAL COLLATERAL LIGAMENT(LCL) , MEDIAL AND LATERAL MENISCUS.

Ligaments usually get torn during sports injury while playing football, kabaddi or cricket. Also they get damaged during vehicular accident along with bony injury.

Damage to ligaments usually result into pain, instability while walking and loss of confidence in fast walking.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder is complex joint surrounded by capsule and tendon. Mainly recurrent dislocation and bankart lesion are 2 pathology which can be dealt with arthroscopic surgery.Arthroscopic Shoulder surgery techniquewere developed over last 10 years . I have been using arthroscopic technique in many shoulder cases.

Arthroscopic portal for shoulder surgery are very tiny as compared to open technique. Following shoulder arthroscopic surgery patients have much less postoperative pain and require less pain medication, postoperative recovery is faster and superior.